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Commercial-Grade Treatments

Strong is our middle name. Flatline Strong Pest Control. Our treatments are tougher than pest you find on the streets. With our commercial-grade treatments the pests will wish they had never been born. Make sure they know they are not welcomed in your store. Get Flatline and get back to building your business.

After-Hours Servicing Options

We offer after hours services in case having a pest control technician on your sales floor might not be the best looking manikin (even though we think we would rival the competition). We will work with you to accommodate what works best with you, even if it’s before or after our service hours. Another reason to love Flatline Pest Control.

Quick Response Service Calls

We are young and ready to respond to your needs. We know that a pest can stumble into your store at any time and you need to know who to call (no, not the ghost busters), but Flatline Pest Control, even cooler. We purposely leave some room in our daily schedule to be ready to react quickly to arising needs.

Licensed & Insured

Legit is our nickname. We have the license and the insurance. No need to worry about hiring Joe Smo (sorry if this is an actual person) that might have a different definition of what it means to be licensed and insured. Flatline Pest Control, a company that you can depend on, the real deal. Get at us today.

Sales floor & Backroom Treatments

From the windows to the walls, from the sales floor to the back room we have you protected from small intruders. Those bugs better think twice before coming near your stomping grounds. With our treatments they will wish they were never born. Keep your sales floor clear and have Flatline be your exterminator for life.

Certified Technicians

“Are your technicians certified?”, Is the question we wish everyone would ask. Just like you wouldn’t buy food that’s not edible, you shouldn’t have anyone apply pesticides around you or your business that’s not certified. It's like having us do your dental work, not good. We will save you the search. All of Flatline Pest Control’s technicians are certified.