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After-Hours Servicing Option

We realize that your work hours might not be the best time to get your office serviced for pest control. Sometimes it is nice to not see the pest control guy, but still see the results, kind of like magic. Whatever your reason might be we try and accommodate your timing to service your office building.

Economies of Scale Pricing

You should be rewarded for building a large business. We reward you with economy of scale pricing. This allows us to give you better pricing the larger the area you need treated. Why should pest control be different than any other aspect of business. Call us today and put another win under your belt.

Licensed & Insured

Rest assured that Flatline Pest Control has our basis covered. We are a legit company like yours. We feel birds of a feather should flock together, so lets go for a fly my friend. Get the best the pest control industry has to offer. Choose a company that will be around for a long time. Choose Flatline.

Certified Technicians

Certified technicians are the only things we know how to produce. Unfortunately for some that is not the case. Our technicians are passionate about their job and know how to take care of your pest problem. We look forward to keeping your office protected so call us today and check that off your to-do list, forever.

Free Follow-up Services

What does this mean? This means we don’t stop until you are satisfied. We like to check in from time to time to confirm our victories, and maybe boost our self-esteems by knowing we have done our job. That’s the Flatline way of doing things. Don’t stop until the job is done, then get ready to drop kick the bugs at the next service date.


We know all you hire, even subcontractors, becomes a reflection of your business. We know how to be a good wingman and make you look good. Flatline has your back to make sure bugs aren’t landing on it. Give us a call so we can start this relationship that will be a beautiful synergistic revolution.