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Schedule Specific Times

We value you your time and that is the reason we provide specific time scheduling for your pest control treatment that involve interior treatments. We want you to know when to expect us and so you can get more done with your day. Isn’t saving time one of the reasons you hire us? Call us today to make the most of your day.

No Expensive Initial Treatments

We feel that you shouldn’t have to sell a kidney to be able to afford your initial pest control treatment. We understand taking on a new customer can be a lot of work up front and know that pest control is about consistency. We are committed to giving you our best and hope that our customers will continue to reward us with your business.

No Contracts

We make working with Flatline Pest Control as simple as possible. Having no contracts is one of the ways we do this. We don’t have commissioned-based door-to-door sales people, so there is no need to trap you in a contract. We are in the business of exterminating your pest, not becoming one. Let Flatline Pest Control be your exterminating company.

Certified Technicians

It’s the only way we know how to do business. Not every pest control company can say the same. Make sure you get the best and hire Flatline. We are passionate about what we do and that brings a thirst for knowledge that leads to results. Go with Flatline and never have to make the decision again.

Same-Day Service

Sometimes you need service now. At Flatline we purposely keep time in our schedule each day so that when you call and need a pest exterminated now, we can take care of you today. Another reason that everybody loves Flatline. You can love us too. Call us today and turn today into a great day!

One-Time Service Option

We understand that there are many situations that may require a one-time visit. Whatever the situation or reason, just let us know and we will get the same quality pest control treatment and arm you with knowledge so you can make the decision. It’s called freedom. It’s called agency. It’s beautiful and we respect it.