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Keep your home a safe haven. Call Flatline Pest Control to see how they can help. Protect your family and keep your home pest-free so you can relax at home.

Condos & Apartments

Keep your apartment’s reputation at its peak by providing your renters the best pest control, without costing you an arm and a leg.

Office Buildings

Give your employees and yourself a great working environment, free from distractions. Have Flatline Pest Control take care of your office.


Fresh foods and no bugs is a great recipe for success in the restaurant business. You keep the food fresh while Flatline Pest Control keeps the bugs out.

Schools &
Day Cares

Parents entrust their children to you each day. Keep those precious ones safe and call Flatline Pest Control today.

Retail Shops

People love to shop and you’re ready to give them what they want. Bugs are not on the list. Get Flatline Pest Control today and get back to building your business.